Connecting Sendlio to Sendgrid

Get Your SMTP Settings

In Sendgrid, your SMTP settings will be comprised of the username `apikey` along with an API key you've setup inside of Sendgrid.

To do this, you'll login to your Sendgrid account and navigate to "Settings > API Keys".

Next, click "Create API Key"

Give your API Key a name, then click "Create & View"

Copy the API Key, then login to Sendlio and setup a sending account (Settings > Sending Accounts) with the following SMTP info:

Host Endpoint:
Username: apikey
Password: [YOUR API KEY]
Port: 587
Encryption: tls

Registering Sendlio Webhook in Sendgrid

In order for Sendlio to pick up bounce and spam complaints for messages sent via Sendgrid, you'll need to register Sendlio's webhook URL in your Sendgrid account.

First, make sure you are logged into Sendgrid and navigate to "Settings > Mail Settings"

Next click on "Event Webhook"

For HTTP Post URL, use the following URL:

Check the boxes for "Bounced" and "Spam Reports", then click "Enabled" and, finally, "Save"

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