Setting up Competitor Spotlight

Sendlio's Competitor Spotlight helps you gain insight into your competition's email campaigns. The way it works is simple - you create a brand new email account and connect it  Sendlio. Then you can use that email address to subscribe to your competitors email lists and Sendlio will automatically pull in their emails as they send them. This gives you insight into what they are sending, what subject lines they are using and what times they are sending messages. You'll also be able to select multiple competitors and see the most popular sending times across them all!

It's important that you setup a fresh email account for this as we will pull in all HTML emails sent to this address.

To setup your account, go to "Monitor > Competitor Spotlight". You will be prompted for the imap credentials for your email account.

  • Host  - The SMTP host for your email account
  • Username - The SMTP username for your email account
  • Password - The SMTP Password for your email account
  • Port -  The SMTP port for your email account (587,995,etc)
  • Encryption - The type of encryption to use for SMTP (tls,ssl)

Once you've entered your info, click "Save Credentials" to register the account in Sendlio. It may take a little while for the first emails to start rolling in after you subscribe, but generally speaking you'll see at least a welcome email or two in the first couple of hours.

Note: If you are using Gmail, you'll need to enable "Access from Less Secure Apps" to use IMAP.

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