Creating Sending Accounts

 Note: Before you create a Sending Account, ensure you have connected Twilio for SMS & Voice and have setup either AWS SES or Mailgun for emails.

Sending accounts are essentially different identities you can use to send from in Sendlio. While only one Twilio account is supported per company in Sendlio, you can use as many phone numbers registered to that account as you'd like. Additionally, you can use sending accounts to send from different email addresses and/or from names for your ail campaigns.

To create a new Sending Account, go to " Settings > Sending Accounts" in Sendlio.

Then click the " Add Account" button

Next, you will be presented with a form that you can complete, In order for this Sending Account to be usable, it will need at least an email address (with associated SMTP credentials) or a phone number associated with your Twilio account.

The fields are as follows:

  • Account name - The FROM name used in your emails
  • Email address - The FROM address used in your emails
  • Phone number - The FROM phone number for SMS and voice calls
  • Host Endpoint - The SMTP host for your email account
  • Username - The SMTP username for your email account
  • Password - The SMTP Password for your email account
  • Port -  The SMTP port for your email account (587,995,etc)
  • Encryption - The type of encryption to use for SMTP (tls,ssl)

Once you have filled out all the information for your sender, click " Save Account" to make the sending account available for use in your campaigns.

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