Connecting Sendlio to AWS SES

If you're using AWS Simple Email Service (SES) to send through Sendlio, you'll need to retrieve your SMTP credentials for creating Sending Accounts in Twilio and you'll need to setup AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) to send bounce and spam complaint notifications to Sendlio.

Finding Your SMTP Credentials

To find your SMTP credentials, login to AWS Console, then go to the SES dashboard. Then, under "Email Sending", click "SMTP Settings"

On the following screen, you'll see your host, port, etc and a blue button to generate your SMTP Credentials. Click the button then save your credentials in a safe place.

Setting up Simple Notification Service (SNS)

The next step will be to setup AWS SNS to notify Sendlio of bounces and spam complaints. To start, go to the SNS dashboard inside of AWS. 

Then click " Topics"

Then click " Create Topic"

On the next screen, select Standard and then give your topic a name and description.

Then scroll to the bottom and click "Create Topic"

On the following screen, click " Create Subscription"

On the next screen, select "HTTPS" as the protocol and enter "" as the endpoint.

Now go back over to the SES Dashboard:

Under "Identity Management" click "Domains"

Then click on your sending domain to bring up its settings page.

Next, click on "Notifications" to open the accordion for the notification settings.

Then click "Edit Configuration"

The two settings you want to focus on are Bounces and Complaints. Set these to use the notification you created in SNS.

Ensure you also check off to include original headers.

Now click "Save Config"

That's it you're now ready to create Sending Accounts in Sendlio with AWS SES.

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