Connecting Sendlio to Mailgun

If you're using Mailgun to send emails, you'll be using your SMTP credentials to setup a sending account.

Setting up Webhooks

In order to track spam complaints and bounces, you'll need to setup 2 webhooks in Mailgun that point to Sendlio.

To do this, login to Mailgun, then go to "Sending > Webhooks".

Then click "Add Webhook"

Now you'll be presented with a window where you can select which types of webhooks you want to connect.

Choose "Permanent Failure"

Now input the following URL into the URL input and click "Create Webhook":

Next, perform the same steps again, but this time select " Spam Complaints" as your Event Type. The same URL can be used for Spam Complaints that was used for Permanent Failure.

Finding your SMTP Credentials

To find your SMTP credentials in Mailgun, login to Mailgun then go to "Sending > Domain Settings"

Then select the domain you are sending from on the dropdown at the top of the screen.

Now click "SMTP Credentials in the tabbed menu.

If you don't have a user setup already, you can click the "Add new SMTP user" button in the top right.

Then add the user and click "Create SMTP Credential"

You'll then see a prompt at the bottom right to "Click to copy" the password for the new user:

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