Connecting Sendlio to Twilio

If you're sending SMS or placing voice calls, its important that you connect your Twilio account to Sendlio. Twilio facilitates the actual sending after Sendlio schedules and compiles the message.

To connect Twilio to Sendlio, go to " Settings > Connect Twilio"

Then click the "Connect" button.

You will then be directed to Twilio to either login and connect your existing account or to create a new one. 

Once logged into your account, you will be asked to grant permission for Sendlio to use your Twilio account.

Once permission has been granted, you will be redirected back to the settings screen in Sendlio and will see a success message letting you know your account has been connected.

Receiving SMS Responses

If you'd like to be able to recieve SMS reponses as events in Sendlio, you'll also need to configure a webhook in Twilio.

In Twilio, go to " # > Active Numbers " then click your phone number and scroll to messaging.

Then enter the following URL for "A message comes in":

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