Creating Email Campaigns with Advanced Editor

Email campaigns let you schedule emails to be sent out to your audiences. Email layouts are composed of individual blocks and, when connected with an audience and a schedule become a campaign.

Creating an email campaign is simple. To get started, go to "Create > Email Campaigns" in Sendlio, then click the "Create a Campaign" button.

Next you'll see a screen with a settings panel on the left and your email preview on the right. 

Start by adding a few blocks to the email by clicking the '+' button. If you've already uploaded your logo in your account's design settings, you can use the logo block to get started.

After you've added a few blocks, you can customize them by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner while hovering over the block.

Here you can choose one of the following options to customize your block:

  • Edit Block - Edit the code for the block
  • Connect Content - Connect this block to a content collection
  • Save Custom - Save this block in its current state for re-use later
  • Delete Block - Delete this instance of the block.

Once your email has been configured and designed to your liking, head over to the left settings panel.

Give your campaign a name. This is only visible to you, not your customers.

Next, choose a subject for your email.

Then choose the audience you'd like to send to.

Now for the schedule. Here you have a few options:

  • One-time: This campaign will only be sent once.
  • Recurring: This campaign will be send daily at a specified time.
  • Hourly: This campaign will be sent every hour
  • Every Minute: This campaign will be sent every minute (be careful with this one! It's intended for transactional emails - not bulk marketing campaigns.)

The last step is to choose a sending account and test your email before your enable it. Testing is important to ensure it renders properly and everything is in order before you send to your entire audience. 

Once you're satisfied with everything, publish your campaign and you're all set!

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